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Articulated Flex Lance Safety Stop

This versatile lance stop/anti-withdrawal device attaches easily to the tube sheet for safer pipe cleaning operations. It features ready adaptability to vertical or horizontal applications and its wide range of expansion accommodates any size of tube sheet. Construction is galvanized steel with aluminum handles and includes a Lexan® splash guard.

This takes the Hand Held “Flex Lance Safety Grip” to the next level.

The stops for six sizes of lances are provided by a quick-change insert, which is built into the design. This eliminates the problem of lost lance stops and makes changing to a different lance diameter quick and easy.

Change of Lance Stop Size:

1. Unscrew Cover.
2. Open Lance Stop Retainer Latch.
3. Pull out Lance Stop Insert
4. Feed lance into Support Tube.
5. Select Stop size and install Insert.
6. Close Latch and replace Cover.

Service Bulletin No.: 36-015-003/1
June 22, 2010

This service bulletin applies to the lower elbow of the Chicken Wing flex-lance safety assembly.

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